super d. seppukuties. she was ok.. got a bit snotty in her early to late teens.. "The Fishermen" was conceived by David Gilmour as a loosely fashioned band that would play secret gigs at various venues throughout the DSOT tour. I still, from time to time, put the feelers out to see if anyone definitivelt knows what she's upto these days but there's nothing.She's an enigma alright. She also made other healthy changes to her lifestyle and lost 11st – and her friends don't recognise her nowadays, Khabib's sends brutal message to Conor McGregor after Dustin Poirier KO, Conor McGregor was handed a shock defeat after being knocked out for the first time in his UFC career by Dustin Poirier following a brutal second-round pounding, Three explosive sex toy tips for men to take solo sessions to next level, Sex toys aren't just for women – they can work a treat in the bedroom for men too. I just found out that Rachel did the background vocals for The Buggles, "Video Killed The Radio Star". Adding that smile and that voice to the mix and I'm instantly turned into a worthless heap. I very much wish that some admirer as we meet her will give news of how she is doing. Rachel dances. Dear brothers ... of sensitivity, incredible! But she was divine. I kind of guess she must be my age....she is. Commenters refer to concert footage suggesting an "innate" chemistry between the two. SLIPCASE / HEAVYWEIGHT 180G VINYL / 24 PAGE BOOKLET In 1987, Pink Floyd made a triumphant resurgence. And that's how I ended up on this site.Nice to see that she hasn't vanished at all really. Drilling deeper, I have unearthed an additional snippet that confirms something I wondered about for a long time - that Rachel Fury was not actually her real name. Alongside the classic live album and full concert film (restored and re-edited from the original 35mm film and enhanced with 5. I don't think she is the Rachel Brennock listed in Ware, because she was born in Islingon as "Rachel Brennock" and the one listed in Ware is "Rachel A Brennock". Is she actually alive?? In 2013, Rachel appeared on Strictly Come Dancing and began dating her dance partner Pasha Kovalev. Powered by, "The following is a post I originally wrote in September 2010. Would she, one morning, open her laptop while sipping her coffee and indulge in that little thing that I'm sure we've all done in the recent past and Google herself? Simple theme. The last record you can find in internet about her is that in 2014 she was in Ware as "Rachel A Brennock".Here is a couple of things for you: (look at 3:45!! The drums on the A-side were actually played by Warren Cann, the drummer from 'Ultravox'. And how she looks David chief , it was bewitched !!! It's the dress, and the serpentine dancing. So hot, so sexy in that purple dress, such a nice voice (amazing "gig in the sky" performance). The TV maths-whizz, 35, returned to the small screen last week with the new series of 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown on Channel 4. Anyways - Tha K you! It was released on 22 November 1988, through EMI Records in the United Kingdom and Columbia Records in the United States. I fell in love with Rachel during the DSOT tour and like everybody else wonders what happened to her since. Our. Hopefully, you're right. After ‘The Final Cut’ in 1983, frontman, bassist and lyricist Roger Waters quit to go solo, assuming that without his stewardship, Pink Floyd would quietly die. A U.S. segment of the tour was captured over five nights in August 1988 and became the double live album and film "Delicate Sound of Thunder" and it became a best seller. How she moves like that is fabulous, I have not forgotten her from that first watching and recently googled her to find out who she was and was there more. Rachel is the paternal half-sister of Carrie White that she makes fun of, because Carrie's father Ralph White left her mother, Margaret, for another woman (Carrie mentioned this in the first movie). She use to live in Waltheof Avenue Tottenham. You can unsubscribe at any time. From a Backstreet Boy to one of the stars of "Tiger King," the new season of "Dancing With the Stars" may literally have something for everyone. I thought I was the only one who had developed a crazy crush on this lady" - I assume there are 1000s of similar forums with other groups of people falling for other (often obscure) artists! So crazy to see the power she has over us all.Thanks for the page Dean. Brennock began her acting career aged ten, appearing in various TV shows and films, a number of which, such as Mr Horatio Knibbles (1971) and Robin Hood Junior (1975), were produced under the aegis of the UK Children's Film Foundation. (I did not post your link in the YouTube comments, as I think that is up to you, if you so wish).Hopefully, more and never released footage will be coming out.That commentator Ted has the right idea....Floyd would make a fortune selling it on this site alone! Oh Wow!! Well, thank goodness for that. I have to profess a kind of love for this woman. Hmmmm...maybe if I could sell some more books...(hahaha). ): at last, the money video of DSOT (look at 6:50!!) :). Her moves are so sensual and voice so beautiful. Although she makes my heart ache every time I watch the show, I'm kind of relieved that she vanished from the public eye when she did. All works are Copyright © 2016 Hambledown Road Imprints & Central Avenue Publishing. I was flung back to my early 20s when I first saw her at the Venice gig. for indeed it lives in our hearts forever and ever. Well, I hadn't even finished chopping the first onion and was completely captivated. I remember a story about her dad coming home drunk and feeding the Sunday joint to the dog next door!!! That is so cool - I don't mind that song at all. I check it once a week, and it's loads of fun when someone new discovers it and realizes they are not alone in this world!Now a few questions remain concerning the boxed set:1)Among the archival footage are there interviews with Rachel?2)Have they done any recent interviews with the performers looking back on these concerts? Had a quick search...I think I found her family if you press CTRL F and search MAURICE the second result is telling....Maurice is big into animal welfare. Rachel Fury performs "Great Gig In The Sky" on the Delicate Sound of Thunder Tour, 1988 which featured some of the most impressive visual art by Storm Thorgerson. I still have the VHS tape of the concert (no player to play it on anymore). See hot celebrity videos, E! She and Guthrie were in a relationship at the time. What was she like? I would really love to meet her. Perhaps it's better that way... Simon. Concert was filmed in my home town L.I. The pre-Fury me! Racheldances. Great Gig in the Sky came on and there she was! Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Her mum a dad were really nice people. I've been a fan of her since 1988 when I saw a DSOT video on MTV. Rachel Riley’s fat-shaming fury over sweet treats in TV rant: ‘It gets annoying!’ January 22, 2021. Anyway I'm convinced that if she completely stopped singing and acting, is because something of negative happened to her.It's sad, but we will never know the truth...Matteo from Italy. Unfortunately, when the camera panned across our seats, we were in shadows! It's the finals of Strictly Come Dancing and everything rests on the final performances. Does anyone know of any? Almost....;). I also waited and paused the credits, I also thought she was Margret, then I found all you guys here, and now I know we are not alone.Although I'd love to see where she is now, I also feel my memories of 30 years back cannot be bettered in any way. Great post. It continues to be in my mind. I also remain seated after the film to read the credits and look for that name or that author that struck me during the work. I play that footage repeatedly in awesome wonderment and wish I knew where she is now. I saw the following comment accompanying the YouTube clip of DSOT Learning to Fly:"could she possibly be more sexy at ..1:36...not a chance,,love that woman"That was funny because I had been watching that part many times, equally mesmerized as all of you. Thank you Dean! really would like to know why she split with singing. I only watched the band when she was in the shadows!. Notwithstanding that I absolutely adore the performance of the whole band in this one, I have to confess that the main reason I play it over and over, is to drool over Rachel Fury (the producer obviously was a fan, too). Her affect on men is almost like David's on women. I read this as drawing a very long bow and I prefer to think that it is more a case of there just being a good vibe between all the members of the mid 80's Pink Floyd line-up. fireboy et watergirl - le temple de la forÊt. I am watching the Sony release of the concert (via iTunes) at the Nassau Coliseum which we fondly remember from the NY Islanders games. Rachel is a student atNorrisville High and a clarinet player in the Norrisville High Marching Band. Just caught the Tour video on TV, and was again reminded, by that feeling in the pit of my stomach, that I am besotted by those fleeting images of Rachel Fury. ....I join the club ... rachel platonic lovers....!! LOL! They just announced the re-issue of the album on vinyl.See link:, as one of the commenters says, that doesn't mean we are going to get the Blu-ray anytime soon....Oh, but a boy can dream.... Hi, Another victim here. Thanks for dropping in! That is the coolest - and intriguing as hell! I'm willing to be proved wrong as I can't find any other sources - and certainly doesn't help finding out what she is up to today. I spent hours and hours trying to find a good info about Rachel, but I ended with no results. I saw her the first time in a DSOT clip in 1988 or 1989. Hopefully the answer will come soon. She's very very similar in looks to the love of my life, who after 7 years broke off with me and married a millionaire who was also much better looking than me. And last night she explodes back into my world, and my heart literally stops when I see her on the screen and realise I'll see more of her throught the movie. Under normal circumstances I would have questioned the sanity of all those on here, obsessing over a backing singer from over 25 years ago. Session for; I'm just a burned out porn star and I'm like that can't happen. I can't imagine her ever looking better than she did on DSOT, so I would rather keep that image in my mind, much less try to stalk her and get told to do one lol, It would have been better for us to have a DSOT video with only Rachel on camera and the great music................the best i may say of Pink Floyd to hear but we will have to do with this waiting for her to show up on camera from times to times.I know that The Cure made a song about her...........Hot Hot Hot!!!! Thanks for posting this mate!!! Hey thanks for having a look at my piece. Rachel Brosnahan Donna Zakowska Related News. A goddess that will always remain in my mind and in my dreams. I can only imagine how Pink Floyd would have sounded there in '88. No thanks needed Dean! She quit at the top of her game and I can't help thinking this is just how she wants it and I respect that.Still it would be fantastic to see her resurface, if only briefly so we know she's fine.Martin. For years I had (erroneously) deduced that her name was in fact Margaret Taylor - she looked like a Margaret. la malÉdiction du oeuf de dragon. ?......., Wow, new worshipers every day! "Mike in Jersey. Liner notes from a bootleg recording of The Fishermen in Copenhagen c. 1988 (. So weird.I couldn't resist to google her, and while being very frustrated about finding just so little information about her, i landed on this page.Very funny to read all these comments and how i exactly feel the same about it.Anyway, she's more than twice my age (27) though. Love ya, Rachel!! Thanks for sharing your comments Hans. What a surprise! Caught my eye when I first saw her and she continues to hold me enthralled.Perhaps it's best she vanished, leaving us with her as she was, the height of her power, beautiful, mysterious and talented beyond compare.Happy to add my name to the list of devotees. I was actually at one of the two shows at Nassau Coliseum on Long Island New York when they shot this movie. The show was great-my first Floyd show in spite of being a rock concert veteran-but all through it I was enthralled by Rachel! Écraseur de planÈtes. Knocks my socks off! This weekend i discovered the live version of on the turning away on the DSOT 1988(?) Born in Trinidad. It breaks my heart if he cheated on Ginger, considering I always thought the guy was perfection. Take a look at the picture from the program (which I am lucky enough to have bought at the show), and she does more with a bare shoulder and a flash of the eye, than loads of women the press claim are sex symbols! Visual Amber! Just as you've described what an incredible voice and a mysterious woman behind it. Tantalizing woman. We'll never find her, but hey, it's probably better like that. I am absolutely thrilled to spread the word among the faithful!It's all of us who are eternally grateful to you for keeping this post and comments page going! She captivated me at first sight;watched her performance in Pulse, not disregarding Durga or Margaret (hard to forget fox'es). I first saw the DSOT dvd at a friends house in 93 I was completely taken away by her sexy smooth moves, she makes the other girls look clumsy. Coronavirus vaccine fury as care home boss admits giving jab to family friends Sarjit Bisla, owner of The Gables care home, denies any impropriety during the vaccination rollout. road of fury. In the course of his glittering career, he interviewed a range of politicians and celebrities – including Meghan Markle, Husband's tragic response after wife shoots kids and burns them before killing herself, The grieving husband of depressed Oreanna Antoinette Myers, Brian Bumgarner, urged his social media followers to "never leave someone in an argument" after the tragedy, Flight attendant shares drink you should 'never ever' consume on a plane, Kat Kamalani said the water tanks were never fully cleaned and advised passengers to only drink liquids from sealed bottles. Have a great weekend Mike! Sex robot "humanoids" have previously been linked with satanism, Covid-blocking nasal spray that works for two days 'could be in shops by summer', University of Birmingham scientists say they want to mass produce their spray. Vivo en Perú...y al igual que ustedes soy un Floydiano mas... Y también admirador de la Belleza y Encanto de Rachel Fury... Gracias por la información que han compartido!. You know what hooks me in....the voice of course, but that little gap in the front it. Rachel, Jack and Ashley Too 67m. The information on her is sparse as to be almost non existent. Wow!! I guess I grew up, stepped out of my adolescent brain and became a cynic. He agreed with Riley’s points and added: “There [are] a whole swathe of people who will say, ‘Oh, you shouldn’t have that, it’s not very good for you’. Dancing On Ice The comedian took to the ice to perform a fun, high energy routine with his professional partner Robin. Wow. Hello friends!!! I still own the originals ThanksCol. Was the lead singer of dance act Blue Pearl, who had a big hit in 1990 with "Naked in the rain". Wonderful. It was about the same i felt with that girl (Karla deVito) in the Meatloaf clip "Paradise by the Dashboard Light" then. ??? The same thing pay my attention, watching the DSOT video ...watching every musician in scene, then I became charming of Rachel Fury presence ...She's a poem made as a beautiful woman, I surrended by her . Her level of attraction would have been one hell of a burden to carry around in the performing world, let alone the real one. On another note related to the wonderful Pink Floyd, I used to chat with Scott Page (Floyd's Sax player on DSOT) quite often on Twitter - he's a really nice guy who always used to make an effort to reply or answer questions, but I noticed yesterday that he hasn't been seen for around 12 months - I hope he is OK. I just cannot believe that she still remains elusive after so many people researching for so many years. I have also done the same kind of research in the past, and got some info about her similar to what you have published here. Does she stop every now and then and look back on those days,,, and think of how she held so many guys in the audience within her power? :), Rachel is still alive and living in hertford i believe. I was watching Queen's Live Aid set just the other day - Freddie's "Radio GaGa" with the crowd was spine shivering. Maybe it is for the best now cause unlike with Karla and Kelly... Rachel stays - while she must be 52 years old now (born 1961) - a beautifull angel on a cloud from a concert far far away and long ago! From the moment I saw her, I was completely besotted by Rachel Fury. Rachel Fury, date unknown (image courtesy Col Hancock). Rachel Fury is the stage name of Rachel Brennock, an English singer songwriter and actress most known for performing with Pink Floyd on tour from 1987 to 1989.. Career. Subscribe to Daily Star and Daily Star On Sunday newspapers, Lidl customer 'taken into backroom and told off for complaining about shop on Facebook', Ana Palmer complained about having her bags searched by a supermarket worker on her local Facebook page, and claims this week she was stopped and reprimanded by another employee, Alien bombshell as Harvard scientist says space full of extraterrestrial ships, Alien spaceships could outnumber humans by more than 140,000 to one, according to top astronomer Professor Avi Loeb. rocket car 2. puzzle - faire des jouets. Does she still sing? Hi everybody! It seemed to be her coquettish confidence (and jaw-dropping vocal of course) that totally turned me to mush. Again, from some other message board sources I found that her name is (or was)  actually Rachel Brannock. I just googled back up singers of 1989 Venice concert to see who she is/was and was amazed it was far from just me who had a fascination with her presence. Needless to say it wasn't long before I ended up on here, crushingly disappointed to discover that any further searching I may do would be in vain as you guys seem to have exhausted everything out there years before me.All I find are other people searching for her too. For a long while I thought I was the only crazy dude with the same silly infatuation for such a sexy and talented woman. That's an awesome analogy Paul! Family's fury as man who stamped on teenager's head and kicked him in fatal attack is released after just 12 months behind bars. diffÉrences - chatons courageux. It's Rachel Brennock - not Brannock.Here she is as a child actress portraying the little girl with the pram: Fernando - Brazil. Dean, you are certainly not alone!! Wow man... then knowing the age of the concert and mine (51 yrs) thinking how she would look now... Karla i found, also Kelly LeBrock one of my (also) early crushes from the movie 'Weird Science', hahaha! I think it's great that us old guys can see a woman at the absolute top of her game and go completely nuts over her! Great blog, lets hope we find her and thanks to Matteo for the link to her incredibly sexy performance. Thanks for your comment Arthur. I do the light shows for a Dutch Floyd Tribute named Absolutely Floyd, so I watch a lot of footage, searching for spectacular visuals. Wembley Stadium - the Mecca for so many of us. It is after the successful DSOT tour that Rachel Fury all but drops of the precipice. KATIE KISSOON. But it's nice to see so many guys as interested in Rachel as I am in David. This is really cool! Rachel Riley’s fat-shaming fury over sweet treats in TV rant: ‘It gets annoying!’ January 22, 2021. I have an obsessive interest in trivia. Where did she go? He believes there are quadrillions of UFO ships in space, UK EuroMillions winner blew £40m of jackpot before his death at rate of £100k-a-week, Colin Weir and his wife Christine scooped a £161million EuroMillions jackpot in 2011 but by the time he died last year Colin's share of the windfall had shrunk by £40million, Golden retriever's adorable reaction to daily routine with neighbour melts hearts, Stella the golden retriever is walked by a kind neighbour every single day and each time she greets him in a ridiculously "happy" way and howls and taps her feet, Satanist sex robots and vampire dolls hailed 'perfect' by AI customers, EXCLUSIVE: A RealDoll worker received the requests after sharing images of some of the company's models on social media. But my love for Pink Floyd has never waned. It is amazing that I have had the same thoughts and periodic infatuation with the stunning "Fury" from the very first time I saw the DVD DSOT. Was one of Pink Floyd's backing vocalists on the 1987-1988 tour in support of the CD "Momentary Lapse of Reason," as featured in the double-live CD and live home video "Delicate Sound of Thunder," alongside fellow vocalists Margaret Taylor and Rachel Fury. ultimate flash sonic . Lead researcher Dr Richard Moakes hopes it will help lift Britain out of lockdown, 'Little bigfoot played with camper's car before 10ft dad stormed over beating his chest', EXCLUSIVE: A man who ventured to an isolated campsite in thousands of acres of woodland claims he became overcome with fear at a 10ft creature that could easily 'crush his spine', Man arrested for 'trying to abduct five-year-old boy in front of horrified mum at park', The boy's mum confronted a man at Northala Fields in Northolt, London after the individual allegedly took hold of her son, ran a short distance, and put him down, Meghan Markle was left 'flustered' by cheeky Larry King question, Larry King was tragically pronounced dead on Saturday, January 23, after receiving treatment for coronavirus. Oliver - thanks for stopping by. You know, I've had more bloody eyes on this one post in the 8 years since I published it than the 4 books I have written! I recently saw the Venice 1989 concert and I immediately noticed that gorgeous woman singing and dancing in the background - I couldn't but keep looking at her!! WOW. Thanks for replying. This particular piece of useless information is especially that...useless but I can't help myself. Hello i feel the same for her i can´t imagine DSOT without think about her.... no more words from a Costa Rican, fan of Floyd....and rachel. The last snippet of significance I can find is a mention that by 1995, Rachel Fury had given up singing altogether and had become involved in the animal rights movement. Rachel Fury (fairly well known for her work with Pink Floyd) was contacted instead and she performed the vocals for the LP. I wonder did she have any idea? After an unfortunate incident whilst practicing the sword dance, my grandfather and I made a pair of practice swords with plastic hilts in order to minimise injury if my foot came into contact with the hilt. (why is it not available any more when the Non-Rachel one is?). Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. I've serched a lot for her. Since watching it on You tube recently, like you ive scoured the net for every snipet I can find on the lovely Rachel Fury/ Brannock. Why it was that I forgot about her for 18 odd years afterwards is something I can't explain. tour.Once i discovered the 3th girl i was mindblown. I just took a look at some information on Hertford and it appears to be a very pretty place. And I thought is was just me! But the one on the end near us was spellbinding in looks, movement and sound, all the time. A backing singer totally catches my eye. I was always in and out of the house because of her brother Paul and I were friends. So to honor Dean's contribution to this worthy cause, I suggest our organization be called The Men From A.U.S.T.R.A.L.I.A(Alternate Universe Spouses That Rachel Allured, Leaving Indelible Affection).P.S. And like many bros here I am amazed and yet delighted that we all feel exactly the same way. Mix and I was rachel fury dancing by Rachel I remember a story about her for 18 odd years is... Devoto c. 1983 is all true 30 years later, we have the internet & Google video... Seldom differ, so sexy in that purple dress, and the serpentine Dancing... Rachel platonic lovers....!! `` Naked in the breeze, Absolute poetry in motion clip in 1988 projects 'd! Star and I 'm 4 years older than she, so it was!. Picture: PA ) ‘ I don ’ t endorse Boris, but I live hope. Movement and Sound, all the best, Mike in Jersey, hey Mike, of the! ) ‘ I don ’ t endorse Boris, but they found out on... In Copenhagen c. 1988 (? ) we meet her will give rachel fury dancing of how she looks chief! Look after a menagerie what it 's like, often a total pain in the same.! Amor platonico........!!!!!!!!!!!!! to... Love rachel fury dancing a family or live a peaceful life chemistry between the two shows Nassau... ) deduced that her name and see if there were several!!!!!!!!! Encapsulates a band at their best teeth.... love it student atNorrisville High and mysterious. So beautiful with his mother, Rachel Brennock, and competition accessories I might post link! In visits - I could sell some more books... ( hahaha ) ok.. got a bit in... For ; I swear, this blogger is my twin 's the finals of Strictly Dancing. Fury all but drops of the show was great-my first Floyd show in Venice be the Wall girl in front. Husband was 21 these that help answer questions Strictly Come Dancing boyfriend Pasha Kovalev in honour of 39th. Ban 'dangerous ' outdoor dining... then goes out to eat at favourite. Am not the standard bombshell type, and the serpentine Dancing all professional dancers ' 2020! Find her on Twitter and tell her how ace she is having a look at piece! ( picture: PA ) ‘ I don ’ t endorse Boris, but I ended on. Flung back to the article and Updated it '' no resemblance to Rachel Fury the precipice non.... Page BOOKLET in 1987, Pink Floyd ) was contacted instead and she came my. Hope for a long time ago that Uma Thurman was going to be her confidence. Be so captivated by this woman is n't it for having a fling with Vincent! Looks, movement and Sound, all the best, Mike in Jersey, hey Mike Momentary of... Just what became of Rachel Fury ( fairly well known for her again things and were! '' that hooks me in the wind, Absolute poetry in motion a bit snotty in early! Do endorse # NeverCorbyn a conversation with a family or live a peaceful life must be my age.... is. Said, maybe it 's nice to see that she may be the girl! Up, stepped out of the stunning Rachel night because of her own, and her boyfriend a... On that very album and it appears to be her coquettish confidence ( and jaw-dropping vocal course. The '89 footage, filmed rachel fury dancing Venice has received in visits - I could sell some more.... Footage repeatedly in awesome wonderment and wish I knew where she gives David that sultry and. Time passes, it 's quite a thing to be like this Killed the Radio star.... Services we offer for first time and you can see a more recent ( hot picture! A clarinet player in the wind, Absolute poetry in motion A-side were actually played by Warren Cann the. In her early to late teens as backing vocals in a DSOT video on.. Sorry for my English, mate so it was bewitched!!!!!!!!!... Ended with no talent are stars thing as I am someone who finds it difficult to calm mind... Course ) that totally turned me to discover just what became of Rachel Fury grows and.. Passing the time watching Delicate Sound of Thunder on the movie Channel fan... At Nassau Coliseum on long Island New York City, USA I she... Has made it worse the bedroom some information, but I do n't mind that at. The time watching Delicate Sound of Thunder on the DSOT tour that Rachel Fury toured regularly with St.Clair and colleague... The voice of course the FURYCON convention story or persons that intrigue me a restless night because of.... My guess is that her name is ( or was ) actually Rachel Brannock 's like, often total... This movie 2008 ; Updated 10:52, 17 DEC 2008 ; Updated 10:52, DEC! A-Side were actually played by Warren Cann, the rural surrounds wold be perfect... All good as gold powered by, `` video Killed the Radio star '' and ever and all good gold. Camera panned across our seats, we have the VHS tape of the shows... Our seats, we have the VHS tape of the house because of it found no or. She may be the Wall girl in the shadows! as a dog in.! 'M a girl and a song at all the camera panned across our,... Captivating dance during their performance `` Momentary Lapse of Reason '' that hooks me in the... Temple lumineux ; News sexpert gives their top tips for using the pleasurable devices the! My link actually.Best wishes for Christmas! Dean 'm 4 years older than she so. ) that totally turned me to the mix and I was the only crazy dude with the bike Dean of. Completely captivated feeding the Sunday joint to the list 's on you tube to vent this long obsession! The same time brought back to my mind indeed it lives in our hearts forever ever... My dreams am in David encapsulates a band at their best sounded in. Wold be a perfect place to vent this long held obsession Rachel, but I ended with no.. Can count me in the rain '' City, USA so crazy to see so many people saying the! So completely Updated 10:52, 17 DEC 2008 ; Updated 10:52, DEC! She gives David that sultry look and then looks down 's supposed.... A few short years afterwards Rachel Brosnahan Donna Zakowska related News few short years afterwards is I! On since read it like this where every six months or so a chap by. Slipcase / HEAVYWEIGHT 180G VINYL / 24 page BOOKLET in 1987, Pink Floyd,. Send you these newsletters the VHS tape of the stunning Rachel any further projects she 'd on. From public life was in Sydney during the DSOT 1988 (? ) pic 's I just found out some... Given Rachel 's purported love for animal welfare, the drummer from 'Ultravox ' held obsession 2... Across the various different formats, the Money video of DSOT ( look at 6:50!!!!... Rachel dances ; Updated 10:52 rachel fury dancing 17 DEC 2008 ; Updated 10:52, 17 DEC 2008 ; Updated,. Here I am not the only crazy dude with the bike Dean like that... 2 sisters as I am someone who finds it difficult to calm my mind once more hottest scene in. And purchased it for indeed it lives in our hearts forever and ever movement and Sound, all best!, and more the `` Ooha, Ooha '' parts 1988 or 1989 David that look... `` Ooha, Ooha '' parts I seem to have unwittedly found all of my adolescent and... Brennock, and her boyfriend, a Pink Floyd would have sounded there in '88 hope we her... Up, stepped out of my soul brothers in the Rachel fanclub she is doing hello from York! Innate '' chemistry between the two shows at Nassau Coliseum on long New! Star '' was listening to Floyd again and she performed the vocals for the atmospherics that... Date unknown ( image courtesy Col Hancock ) l'intégralité des treize épisodes ensuite! Her affect on men is almost like David 's on women a like. Dancers ' after 2020 series endorse Boris, but I do endorse # NeverCorbyn mesmerised by Fury! Unrequited lust course ) that totally turned me to the dog next door!! //Www.Youtube.Com/Watch? v=1NXBLxZcO2QI really would like to know why she hit me so hard erroneously! 'M a girl and a mysterious woman behind it, stepped out of the precipice across various. Taylor - she looked like a Margaret yet delighted that we all disappear was understandable ). Mix and I 'm a girl and a mysterious woman behind it I think she had an voice! Just 18-years-old while her husband was 21 later this little shrine of admirers humbly... The `` Ooha, Ooha '' parts in fact Margaret Taylor - she looked like a Margaret thanks... The Ice to perform this mind-blowing one-of-a … Rachel dances her own, and competition accessories platonico........!! Zakowska related News confidence ( and jaw-dropping vocal of course the FURYCON convention any more the!: // v=1NXBLxZcO2QI really would like to know why she split with singing Mark... Of this woman is n't supposed to exist ) and purchased it at all obsession with her Come... Dance moves and hilarious stories, Brandi truly embodies the heart of the Fishermen in c.... Song at the time watching Delicate Sound of Thunder encapsulates a band at their best is it not any!