He did this at the University of Maryland – however in 1977 Mike dropped out, realizing the subject wasn’t for him. What can you take from this? Also, if you look at Oliva’s arms, it’s not difficult to believe Arthur Jones’s claim. For the latest news and updates please follow us on. He just may be the greatest of all time. 1979 IFBB Florida Pro Invitational – 1st Mike Mentzer placed 5th. I was incredulous. Mike had a few favorite triceps exercises, like pushdowns and dips, and he rarely did more than two sets of any triceps exercise in his arm workouts, but… Thanks for the articles, Mike Mentzer Lives! Mr. “Heavy Duty” himself had the crucifix pose of a God and the size and vascularity of his forearms made it quite heavenly. In short, man can and ought to be a hero.”. Greatest Physiques is the number 1 destination for the best looking bodies on the planet. Nice article, but there is a huge mistake in the compilation of Mike Mentzer’s bodybuilding achievements segment (despite Rudolpfh Plizetskaia’s attempt to rectify it) ; in 1978, Mentzer won the IFBB Mr. Universe in Acapulco, Mexico with the first and only perfect 300 score. Don’t tell me about all this bullshit working out. After failing to turn up to a dialysis session, Ray too, was found dead in the same apartment, not 48 hours later. He had been training two hours every day, but his progress had stalled; so he increased his ... ContinueMike Mentzer Training Philosophy Mike Mentzer espoused doing just 1 hard set to failure of 1-2 exercises per bodypart every 10 days or so. The book was called P.O.F. I did get to 250 lbs but my size was nowhere near my friends on steroids. Both of them had bigger arms than Arnold as their arm size is around 20.5 inches. Mike Mentzer died on Sunday, June 10th, 2001. In 1971, Mike suffered a severe shoulder injury that put a long-term pause on his training. The Mike Mentzer that passed away is the one that he will always be remembered as. © 2021 Greatest Physiques. As 1990 came, Mike found himself once again in a hospitalized state. Mike Mentzer’s triceps were huge with a sweep that made his competitors weep—look at the above photo again. Later, as his bodybuilding progressed, he would move to take between 4-7 days rest in between workouts. Powerlifting Bodybuilding Mike Mentzer Rise Of The Machines New Booklet 2017. “Only now can I appreciate her friendship.”, “John Little was one of the few who didn’t approach me on the ignorant assumption that I was a ‘loony’ or a ‘crazy.’ John understands quite a bit about the power of ideas and the way they work in the mind. The day after completing the filming of his latest training video, Mike was found dead by his brother Ray at the Los Angeles apartment they shared. You can do a lot with the correct carb loads and B-Vitamin mix i.e. — Mike Mentzer. Life isn’t without hardships, and no matter how difficult things may seem or how far from the path you have strayed, you can always turn things around. … During his downtime, Mike began studying to be a psychologist in 1974 to keep his academic mind active. 1975 ABBA Mr. USA – 2nd (Medium) 6. I hoped to see Mike again but when I visited the gym a week later he had gone. Personally, I remember as a kid watching Charles Bronson in a movie called "Cold Sweat." I’d never dreamed they’d end up like they were, but Mike and Ray are genetic freaks. Remember, this was on an advanced bodybuilder, the hardest specimen to realize real muscle growth because of … 1982 World Pro Championships – IFBB, 2nd 5. It was a respectable comeback, coming in at a modest 3rd place, after Roger Callard, and ‘The Black Prince’, Robby Robinson. Another great influencer of Mike’s was a Russian-American novelist, philosopher, and play writer named Ayn Rand. He would talk with me at length, and I remember those conversations with fondness, which causes me to think fondly of John Little. Capping off the year by winning the heavyweight division of the. He became a professional bodybuilder after that 1978 Universe win. From that grounding, Mentzer eventually evolved his own Heavy Duty training philosophy, which espoused brief, intense workout sessions and spawned countless articles, many books, and videos. Back in the 1970’s Mentzer was considered to be one of the best bodybuilders in the world with his blend of size, shape and symmetry. Mike’s younger brother Ray, who was the winner of the 1979’s Mr. America began receiving kidney dialysis in 1999. What Did Ronnie Coleman Eat in His Prime? Mike Mentzer is one of the classic bodybuilders of the early years. Mike wouldn’t pick up a weight until 1975, but when he finally did, Mike came back with full force. As Workout Magazine ceased, Mike soon after lost his beloved father, and, as if there wasn’t enough for the bodybuilder to handle, his 10-year relationship with fiancee Cathy Gelfo came to an end. in Phychology,BSN in Nursing, now 16 year old son will compete in Teen Mr. Mississippi in July! There was a strain and tension in the air all the way through.”. He just scratched the surface with that physique. The passionate, dedicated and knowledgeable bodybuilder. Despite his younger brother insisting he took a break. Think about it. It was that morning that Mike was to be found dead by his sibling. To care for him, Mike moved in with Ray, and the two grew closer over the following years. Unless you had superior genetics and chemical assistance you did not stand a chance on these programs. Ray was on the waiting list for a transplant, and the obvious choice was his 21-month older brother Mike. I saw him in person in 1979 in Baton Rouge, at a book signing,The Mentzer Method to Fitness. Mike Mentzer (Mr. Kroc Rows Vs. Pendlay Rows – Which One Is Best? 1980 IFBB Mr. Olympia – 5th. COMET-LIKE CAREER. Ray is one of the strongest bodybuilders I have ever seen in my life and Mike is equally as strong.”. 1976 IFBB Mr. Universe – 2nd (MW) 1971 AAU Mr. America – 10th 3. From there, it was onward and upwards. I know that Mike's arms were 18 5/8, wrist 7 1/4 forearm 15 1/4, and Ray's arms were 20 3/8, forearm 15 9/16 and 7 1/2 wrists, at 260 bodyweight. A Powerful Physique. Complex, B-12, B-2. Rather than blaming others, he realized it was he was the one out of control, not everybody and everything else. Renowned as much for his vocabulary and propensity to quote the philosophy of Aye Rand as he was for the dimensions of his Herculean physique, Mentzer established himself first as a bodybuilding champion and then as a scholar of the sport. 1978 IFBB USA vs the World – 1st (HW) However, Mentzer was just getting warmed up. The word “intensity” may have been written numerous times. Mike Mentzer’s training style developed from HIT, High-Intensity Training that was founded by Arthur Jones in the 70’s. Till then he’ll just be the proverbial asshole you get wherever you go! Mike Mentzer started bodybuilding at age 12. Your email address will not be published. A big component of the Arthur Jones HIT workout system, Mentzer believed high intensity combined with heavy weight and working until muscle […] When Mike Mentzer was asked how big they were at one of his seminars, he responded with characteristic wryness, 'Very big.' He set new standards in size as the the first Mr. Olympia at 250 lbs to have a body condition with super low body fat and very high muscle density. Both Mentzers were jack offs with ray being the biggest jack off. Ok, so I posted a “Bro split VS Full body blog yesterday. RIP Mike. P.S. Although he stopped competing in 1982 he continued to train as hard as ever and eventually surpassed Mike in size reaching a then-unheard-of 270 lbs. What to take. Mike’s story is one of tragedy, but also of redemption and dedication. Calisthenics Training: A Beginner’s Guide, Fun and Effective Metcon Exercises and Workouts for Big Guys. 1. As a 27-year-old IFBB Pro League rookie in 1979 noted especially for his delt, arm, and leg density, Mentzer was a phenomenon. It was a crushing blow. However, while getting checked out if he could provide the organ to his brother – doctor’s discovered Mike had very serious heart problems. Mentzer believed many bodybuilders were “overtraining,” so he emphasized brief, high-intensity, and infrequent… Having placed 10th at the 1971 AAU Mr. America contest, Mentzer came in contact with Arthur Jones, who at that time was promoting his less-is-best training theories along with his Nautilus exercise equipment. The 1980, IFBB Mr. Olympia in Sydney was Mike’s next major competition. 1981 Night of Champions – IFBB, 3rd 11. When he began his 4 year service to the United States air force, Mike was spending 6 days a week in the gym, normally for up to 3 hours at a time. 2 GIANT TIPS that can SUPERCHARGE your workouts! Only 1 left! © 2001-2018 Mentzer-Sharkey Enterprises, Inc. Mike Mentzer's Heavy Duty, high-intensity training is the hottest topic in bodybuilding. Couldn’t do Tom Brady’s huh?!! [Pic above:] Casey Viator - Mike Mentzer - Ray Mentzer [Pic above:] Bodybuilding Legend Samir Bannout with Mike Mentzer. He has been a life saver for me, from last in my class in high school and 130lbs to 1985 Jr. Mr. Mississippi,1987 Mr. Mississippi,1985 Middle weight Southern Classic,1987 Light Heavy 3rd place Southern Classic,1988 Heavyweight 3rd place Southern Classic, on the same stage with Shawn Ray when he won Nationals,U.S. I Think Mike was someone worth looking up to. He knew Mike and used to visit some of his seminars. Considering the lack of science-based knowledge, supplements and the variety of elaborate training techniques we have today, that win was a huge accomplishment that launched Mike’s future career. 1982 Grand Prix Sweden – IFBB, 9th 7. And just because muscle is more than 70 percent water doesn’t mean should begin drinking gallons and gallons of water a day to hasten the muscle growth process either.”. “I wrote in my book ‘Heavy Duty II: Mind and Body’ that the idea is not ‘more is better’ or ‘less is better’ but ‘precise is best’; and as I learned from training close to 2,000 people plus myself that the precise amount of exercise required to induce optimal growth stimulation isn’t nearly as much as you’ve been led to believe or would like to believe.”. Then also there’s a lot of supplements in health stores that are designed for heavy, regular workouts, and Mentzer also sounded like he did not get regular sleep cycles. Arm Size and Big Lies. All Rights Reserved. Later that day, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who was believed to be retired, announced his intentions to compete at the event. 1979 IFBB Pittsburgh Pro Invitational – 2nd Great article, but the accomplished must be revisited. We cover professional athletes, models and even social media stars to bring you the very best, up to date information in our profiles. Mike’s form would be kept absolutely perfect. The weights moved in a perfectly controlled and slow manner. Too bad his upper arm measurement was a paltry 15 inches in circumference. Two days later, Ray, who had been undergoing regular kidney dialysis, was found dead at the same apartment. I’d answer them back. 1982 Grand Prix Belgium – IFBB, 8th 8. The Heavy Duty site provides the latest information on training, nutrition and the mind's relationship to bodybuilding. Ray also won the 1976 Junior Mr. America and the 1978 IFBB Mr. USA. Nickname: Mr. Heavy Duty) was born in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and was something of a bodybuilding renaissance man. Mike being Mike, stayed up late to work on the scripts. rhyth. I don’t see anyone beating him through the early eighties. Rest was crucial. Thank You Mike. Physique Coach, IFBB Pro Bodybuilder, Entrepreneur, Fitness Model, Cystic Fibrosis Trainer, Online Coach, Trainer, Posing Coach, WBFF Muscle Model, Director, Men's Physique Bodybuilder, Fitness Model. Who was Mike Mentzer? in the mid-80’s!” Titles Won: 1976 Jr. Mr. America (Tall) 1978 IFBB Mr. USA 1979 AAU Mr. America This didn’t sit right with Mike, and he wasn’t afraid to talk about it in a disdainful manner in his seminars – which may have led to his unofficial blacklisting from the IFBB. Arm day was 50 total sets. In 1980, after tying for fourth at the IFBB Mr. Olympia, which Arnold Schwarzenegger won in controversial fashion, Mentzer quit competitive bodybuilding. While initially inspired by Bill Pearl, Mike’s whole training philosophy was based on the work of Arthur Jones and HIT. At FitnessVolt.com our mission is to educate and inform you about the latest in professional bodybuilding, fitness, and sports-related content. Elite Level Body Fat. “It is only within the context of having properly developed your mind that you will be able to truly enjoy the achievement of your material values, including that of a more muscular body.”. One of the better bodyweight exercises for the biceps are pull-ups on rings. He published the real arm measurements of elite bodybuilders such as Casey Viator, Mike Mentzer, Sergio Oliva and Arnold Schwarzenegger. 1975 IFBB Mr. America – 3rd (Medium) 5. In 1971, Mike won his first competition, the Mr. Lancaster at the age of 18. I need to know the steroid cycle. $18.95. 1994 Olympia – Masters – IFBB, 3rd 3. The day before, both he and brother Ray were working on a fitness DVD titled ‘HIT’. Arthur Jones measured Mentzer's arms at around 18.5 inches. ... Free shipping. That’s all correct now! Jones also had many devout followers over the years including the legendary yet controversial Mike Mentzer. Ray Mentzer (August 2, 1953 – June 12, 2001) was the brother of Mike Mentzer and winner of the 1979 AAU Mr. America competition. 1. Competition Weight: 225 lbs (102 kg) that is what I am interested in. In grammar school and Ephrata High School, he received "all A's", He credits his 12th grade teacher, Elizabeth Schaub, for his love "of language, thought, and writing. However, two people remained and supported him; a senior writer for Flex magazine called John Little, and Mike’s ex-girlfriend Julie McNew. The Sport Remembers. in Exercise Science (Kinesiology) from CBU. It wasn’t until the morning of the competition that he felt he had recovered. Mike Mentzer Was a Proponent of High-Intensity Training. At first I cut down to three thirty minute sessions per week. Jones was an accomplished trainer, and inventor of many of the early exercise machines – he began training Mike, firmly believing in the teen’s potential. 1971 AAU Teen Mr America – 2nd 1981 Grand Prix World Cup – IFBB, Winner … Arthur Jones went on record to claim that he measured the size of the arms of Sergio Oliva and Ray Mentzer. how to use them. However, our reviews are based on well research backed analysis. Probiotics for gut health and things like avacados really help you max out feeling good for max. 1976 IFBB Mr. Universe – 2nd (MW) 9. Height: 5′ 8″ (173 cm) Sheesh! 1977 IFBB North American Championships – 1st (M… When I found that my strength levels didn’t suffer, I cut down to two twenty-five minute sessions per week and again found that my strength did not suffer. The Heavy Duty, as he became known was born and raised in Ephrata, Pennsylvania. Check regularly for the latest, Greatest Physiques. It was at that event that Mike would would be introduced to Arthur Jones. 1971 AAU Mr. America – 10th Arthur Jones measured Mentzer's arms at around 18.5 inches. Mike & Ray Mentzer. I just have to comment that Burt should get a life and realize that if he was half the man Mike was he’d be something! Mr. Olympia (but not the overall), he emerged as bodybuilding's heir apparent. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8153563aab58aaca93b4e468124b71c" );document.getElementById("aa735054bf").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Mike certainly had a great mind for bodybuilding. His physique was a blockbuster and he later won the contest. In The Nautilus Book, Volume II, Jones recounts that the most muscular arm he ever measured was that of Sergio Oliva. Heavy Duty) was born in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, and was something of a bodybuilding renaissance man. Your email address will not be published. He enjoyed the work, but he relied upon amphetamines to meet deadlines, on occasion staying awake for two or three days straight. Erroneously attributing their lack of satisfactory progress to a poverty of the requisite genetic traits, instead of to their irrational training and dietary practices, they give up training. Kids all over the country beat their chests, bellowed their Tarzan cries, and dreamed of building up their arms to look like the apeman's. He is the biggest of the professional bodybuilders and when beside him makes all other bodybuilders look small. Milk and Milk group products (Milk and cheese) – Two servings per day. Mike Mentzer was a legendary bodybuilder who won the 1978 Mr. Universe, becoming the first bodybuilder ever to get a perfect score from the judges. He was a judge’s favorite, and many competitors believed with his new fame he could win purely on popularity. Hoe to get them. 6 watching. Mike understood that an individual had individual needs, but inside, we all worked the same. She was his biggest influence. Mentzer though, built on this model, opted for a ‘Heavy Duty’ variation. But, after soul searching, hospital visits and a help from a few close friends, he came back. 1977 IFBB North American Championships – 1st (MW) 1982 Olympia – IFBB, 11th 6. He will always be remembered for not only having one of the greatest physiques of all time, but also for having one of the greatest stories. B comes in). He’d break down a typical bodybuilders diet into the following: “Man’s proper stature is not one of mediocrity, failure, frustration, or defeat, but one of achievement, strength, and nobility. In this case, the maximal torque (force) you would be capable of producing at the middle of the palm, where a barbell or movement arm would be held, is 100 lbs. Early life and education. He changed my life and my entire training routine. It just didn’t feel like a normal contest; no one was being their usual self. Ash is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise (ACE). RIP. This is a massive problem for lifters who almost all wish to build massive guns whether it is for competitive bodybuilding or simply to impress members of the opposite sex. Many years ago, a famous bodybuilder named Mike Mentzer realized that the super high volume, high frequency, and high intensity programs that his peers were following was not the best way to go. In the year 1985 he claimed; “The magazine was doing fairly well, when, just as it started to turn a profit, the financial people – for whatever reason – pulled the plug on the whole thing and we ceased operation.

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